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We're an online resource for the fans, students, faculty, and alumni of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (popularly known as Virginia Tech). We provide independent online services to the Virginia Tech community, and are not affiliated with the university.
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Virginia Tech : Flint, MI Water Crisis
News from Va Tech Engineering: Virginia Tech & Flint

The 2008 remembrance site:

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What is a hokie?
Contrary to what you may hear on CNN, ESPN, or the Ricki Lake Show, a Hokie is not a castrated turkey. The fact is that the word Hokie has nothing to do with a turkey at all. The word Hokie was made up by O.M. Stull (Class of 1896) for a spirit rally. A contest was held and Stull won a $5 prize for the cheer now known as Old Hokie. Stull admits that he made up the word just to attract attention. The word has no hidden or symbolic meaning. However the word stuck and has been a part of Virginia Tech tradition ever since. Marketplace - Buy and Sell Anything Marketplace - Buy and Sell Anything is not affiliated with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,
and does not represent the university or its views in any way.